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Shen Medicine

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Shen Medicine goes beyond the medicine of the physical matter of the body. Shen medicine goes beyond energy medicine. Shen Medicine is message medicine. Message is information. Everyone and everything carries countless messages. How do these messages relate to sickness, pain, and other challenges in life. How can those messages be transformed to a message of well-being. This ground-breaking book by a neurosurgeon who shares his years of experience with this new path to health will open your eyes and open your heart.


Changing Messages of Illness to Health
As Told by a Neurosurgeon

Peter Hudoba, M.D.

The author of Shen Medicine, Dr. Peter Hudoba, is a distinguished neurosurgeon and specialist in pain management and non-surgical spine care.  He has conducted neurosciences research, served as a professor and the head of neurosurgical postgraduate programs, and was awarded the Excellence in Teaching Award from the University of Saskatchewan and the Thomas P. Morley Neurosurgical Resident prize from the University of Toronto.  Now he leads the research at Sha Research Foundation.  In his current research studies, the effects of meditation, practice of Tao Calligraphy, and singing of mantras are scientifically investigated. Dr. Hudoba’s most recent groundbreaking book Shen Medicine is listed as the #1 best seller in the Scientific Research, Science Education, and Research Science Methodology & Statistics section on

"I believe this pioneering book will open a new pathway to unify medicine, spirituality, and healing to the benefit of all."

Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha